I need your feedback: Hot Beverages

Do you sell hot beverages–cider, hot chocolate, hot teas or coffees, etc.–at your pizzeria? If so, I’d like to hear about it!
I’m writing an article for PMQ about how pizzeria owners can successfully offer hot beverages at their businesses. If you’d like to share your thoughts, please answer as many of the below questions as you can and send your answers back to me at tracy@pmq.com (I will need answers by Tuesday, September 2–just let me know if you need more time).
And don’t forget to include your full name, title, business name, and city/state so I may properly credit you! Thanks very much for sharing your expertise!

What types of hot beverages do you offer (alcoholic and/or nonalcoholic)? How should a pizzeria owner decide on what hot beverages to sell?
What are your best sellers? What types of customers usually buy them?
Why did you start offering hot beverages at your business? What are the benefits of selling them?
How can a pizzeria owner advertise/promote/market hot beverages? How do you display these and let customers know about the option?
How do you market these beverages in the warmer months?
What equipment do you use to make these beverages–coffee/espresso maker, tea urn, etc.? Did you have to train employees to use the equipment?
Do you have any specials that incorporate hot beverages?
Please feel free to include any other related information–including any recipes and/or images–that you think would be of interest to our readers.

Thanks again for your input!

Tracy Morin
Managing Editor, PMQ’s Pizza Magazine
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Oxford, MS 38655
662/234-5481 ext. 140

I refuse to sell coffee at my restaurant, its such a pain in the A** for a buck

and who wants pizza and coffee.

i get like maybe one request a month for it.

I simply say, im sorry we dont sell coffee, we dont get much request for pizza and coffee

and they laugh and say i understand