I need your Fridge magnets

I have a customer with a special needs child who loves magnets. Every order he waits at the door to get the magnet. I talked with his dad today and he said the boy loves the pizza but realy looks forward to the magnets. I thought it would be a cool idea to see if we could get magnets from pizza places all over the world.

PM me if you can help out.

I am sure I can find a few to send you…

Thanks Royce! You have my address.

I’ll put some in the mail tomorrow.

He will probably say " where the bl00dly hell is Currambine" ???


Thanks Dave, I was hoping you come through.

def count me in.
should i send to your shop address

give me your add. and i will get some out.

Daddio’s Pizzeria Ltd.
9505 68 Avenue
Unit #105
Grande Prairie, Alberta
T8V 7X8

Thanks for your help.

I have a ton of samples from my suppliers, I will get you out some today.

Thank you all for being so generous. I am sure this will brighten every visit to my little friends house.

I put a 1 pound package in the mail today…70 or 80 magnets and a few other goodies…

I spoke with Ricky’s mother today to check on how she would like me to handle giving him the magnets. First let me say that she was overwelmed by the caring and generosity that all of you have shown. She said this show of goodwill comes at a very good time as the adjustment Ricky must make going back to school can be difficult. She suggested each time the family orders I should check the “mood” and determine how many magnets to take on the delivery.

Once again the hearts and souls of this giant family of pizza makers and those who help us in our struggle for survival has touch me deeply. I get a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye knowing that each of you care enough to take a few moments out of you busy lives to do this kind act for a total stranger. Just saying thank you seems like so little. May God bless each and every one of you.

I have come to find that for a larger number of pizzeria operators, it is what we do. Someone giving an opportunity to be generous is often gift enough. Money is so often overemphasized . . . . simple gestures like the one you are doing set a whole different feeling in a community. Thank YOU for taking the time.

I don’t have magnets to give, but am also struck by those who do and have shot out Caring Packages for your family cause.

“Pizza is Love”

Last night I had the chance to send a magnet, that I had received from WA Dave last Christmas, over to Ricky. He was overjoyed! I can hardly wait to see his reaction when the other magnets start coming in.

Once again thanks to all who have or are going to send their magnets. And thanks to those of you who do not have magnets but sent encouragement.

We’re a small franchise and don’t have many magnets…but I may be able to swipe one or two…but do you think an inflatable football or basketball with our logo would be well received, too?

ETA: NOT swipe as in steal…haha…just let my boss know what is going on and get a few LOL

Although magnets are the main focus here I would think any token of kindness will be readily accepted. Again thank you all for your kindness.

I just posted this on an Aussie forum asking anyone who has a magnet to send either to you or to me and I will forward them on.

It’s only a small forum of about 65 registered users so the response may be few, but you never know.

Anything to help this little boy’s day.


Your package arrived today. Ricky will be thrilled. The talking pen is a riot.

Here is what there is so far. Hopefully there will be more as time goes by. I know there are some magnets on the way from New Zealand.

Update on Fridge Magnets

The count as of today is 138. I would like to again thank all who have given this project their time. I received a letter today that i would like to quote from:

Your post came on a good day… the day began terrible, your willingness to allow us to share in your kindness has turned my day around… who doesn’t want to make a child smile :slight_smile:

Your willingness to help me make a child smile has touched me more than I could have ever imagined. Every time I walk into my kitchen where I have the magnets on the freezer I cannot believe the kindness and generosity that all of you share.