I now find myself in need of a new prep table

I now find myself in need of a new prep table. I am looking for a 4 door line something aroun112" What brands are good currently? Whos selling them for a reasonable price?

Ive replaced 2 since 2018

What did you end up going with?

I replaced my 10’ True that was a beast for over 15yrs with a dual raised rail 60" Randell that is amazing, but not cheap.

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The double rail Randell is on my radar. How is it for short people to get toppings out of the top rail? I have a lot of employees who are just over 5’ tall so it can’t be too hard to access.

Has anyone used the prep tables that utilizes drawers instead of doors? They seem to be more and more offered

I bought a TRUE unit with doors last summer it has been awesome. I kind of wish I got one with a drawer on one side a door on the other side

Sorry just saw your reply. I have a 92" 3 door, bought from restaurant equippers actually both of my new table came from there. Right off hand i dont remember models, i do know that both have compressors and panels on front left side, that was very important to me because the layout of my kitchen, also didn’t want compressor units in the back as the are hard to keep clean as lazy employees would not pull out and clean, much easier to clean in front and side vs back and behind unit

One of our 2 guys is considered “short” and the other is average height approx 5’10" but I have not heard anything about it…

We still use Migali. Affordable and gets the job done. At the moment one of our Migali make lines has a compressor dying and we’re getting ready to scrap it and replace it with a new one from Migali.

Discussion thread about Migali here: Migali Refrigeration

Yeah I have a few migalis but some of them have gone way up. I have a 1 door migali that I bought for $950 and now its about 3k for a new one.

Reasonable price is the problem. Be prepared to pay for a quality brand. Look at OBREquipment.com. They usually have a variety of them and new/demo units you can save $$$ on. Delfield are a step up also.
I’m also using Randel. Best quality units I’ve ever used. Vs. true , continental, beverage air.
I have a 120” Randell PH120E3 from a pizza hut and a 89” 51389WPR from a Joe’s Crab Shack.
Good luck

I ended up buying a 112" Larosa prep table from J&G Mills. It was about $8500 and then we added an over shelf for another $600. Now we just have to wait about 8 weeks before it comes in.

where did you get it from

i think all major distributors deal with them…my guys are Alpha Restaurant Equipment in MA. Nick is the best in the business!