I open shop tomorrow a.m....

Wow…my first open for a pizza joint in about 6 years.

Yes, they need me to be “shift leader” now…I made sure they knew I accepted it this time, so now I’ll be fill in between the days that the other guys have off.

Nervous but excited at the same time.

Wish me luck!

good luck. make sure you are early at work.

Congrats! I wish you the best of luck.

Wishing you the very best of LUCK…U GO GIRL!! Hope you still have time to come out and meet me when Dine-O-Mite Pizza & Eatery opens in Decatur AR.

When I walk in the shop in the morning, I like to listen. It’s dark, its’ quiet, but yet if you listen carefully enough you can here the potential of the new day. You may think that’s weird. But when I manage to get here before anyone else, I find it very exciting.

Im sure you will do great. It’s a lot of responsibility, but the feeling of guiding a business is a great one. Don’t forget to enjoy the moment!

Make the world remember you this day!

Hope you had a terrific day!

Re: I open shop tomorrow a.m…UPDATE

Well, when I got there, I found that my user ID had not been put into the computer as manager, so I could not run the daily reports.

So, I had to call my manager…which was a shame…I was hoping to not have to call him at all. haha

Anyway, he walked me through what he does in setting up the employees for different job responsibilites, changed my pay rate (he had me do this, so he knows I did it), and then I was able to start up the computers.

Opened the safe and found a shortage in the store cash…had to call again and report that. UGH. LOL

It was then I noticed they had a BAD close the night before…skins left on the screens, no trash emptied, sauces LEFT OUT OVERNIGHT. Could it get any worse?

Anyway…I got all the items flipped (something no one seems to do…EEK!!!) or trashed (like the sauces) and completely changed out and got all of what should have been done the night before caught up.

Then, I got the day dough out, oven on, hood on, computers all up and running…and then boom…it was finally time to open.

It went WITHOUT a HITCH! I was so pleased with everything…I know had I never done any managing before, I would have been overwhelmed at the point when I discovered what the night crew had NOT done…but I handled it well.

THEN…the manager said he wouldn’t be coming in because he was sick (he has been HORRIBLY sick since Sunday…you can hear it when he coughs), so the night time cook (which is the one who was hired in as an Assistant Manager in that one thread where I discussed he was just “hired” without notice when others were expecting the job) came in a full hour later than what was scheduled (he wasn’t late…it’s just the schedule had the night time manager coming in at 4 and he didn’t come in until his scheduled time, 5), leaving me there to run the night time shift for a few hours, too.

I was on the computer for 10 minutes with multiple phone lines ringing…and still managed to get the pies made in 10 minutes and out the door to people who I was quoting 25 mins on carryout and 40 minutes on delivery.

I came home, made dinner for the kids, and promptly crashed out at 9 p.m. and didn’t know another thing until it was time to get up and take the kids to school this morning. haha

PHEW…what a day!!!

Re: I open shop tomorrow a.m…UPDATE

Good Job Kristi you were able to handle it!

As an owner I appreciate the fact that you get not calling unless an emergency. I always tell my crew I hired you cuz I trust your judment. You aren’t an idiot. If I don’t like the way something was handled we can talk about it and go over it. If I trained you well you will know what to do. But they still call for the dumbest stuff. Like this morning got a call that we ran out of rubber bands. Ummmm duhhhh!!! So high five for you understanding you are the problem solver.


Re: I open shop tomorrow a.m…UPDATE



Re: I open shop tomorrow a.m…UPDATE

You should be extremely proud of yourself woman!

Re: I open shop tomorrow a.m…UPDATE

Thanks everyone!

I guess I’ll truly know if I did well when I see if I have any opening shifts next week! LOL

Thanks again!

I completely agree.

I have ALWAYS loved openings as opposed to closings.

When I open, I have control…when I close, it’s however the previous manager handled it as to how the day is going.

Starting a new business in a small town in this economy, I know nervous and excited at the same time…I said it B4 and will say it again…U go GIRL!!!

BTW - “Just my .02 for the tank.” is worth more than the $.