I still have questions about delivery potential


I have read all the posts on the delivery driver topic. I certainly now have a better understanding of the technical components involved in a delivery store.

However, I was unable to find out if anyone thought that delivery was ultimately worth doing. Some background; We own a pizzeria here in Massachusetts that we started up just over two years ago. Dine in and carryout. We have been successfull I suppose in that we are still here. We do around 6.5 a week give or take. Just pizza/calzones/salads and a few sandwich wraps.

The biggest way I can think of to drive increased revenue is to offer delivery. I have no idea what to expect if we started this. Will we get the huge “bump” for two months only to have the revenue go back to where it was before? Will my walkins disappear? We have won pizza taste contests against all the competition we have in the area so I know our pizza is wanted. Our town is split down the middle by a river with only one bridge to get over. Our competition delivers to that other side of that bridge. People on a Friday/Saturday night do not want to sit in traffic on that bridge and so I suppose I lose that customer to my competitors.

I guess the big question I am asking, is there anyone out there that started delivery after having established themselves for a couple years? What was the financial increase or decrease? Was/is it worth the anticipated hassle of managing this aspect? Would you do it again?

Thank you very much for any insight on this. My guts are ripped apart on this.

We started with delivery in our carry out and then dropped it. Our business dropped more than our % of business delivered. We put delivery back on and business has steady. We use an independent delivery service. They charge 4.25 per delivery. But we have no problems with drivers, insurance or employees. We add the delivery charge to customer’s order. So we have no out of pocket expense. If your city has somthing like that you may want to give them a call and see what rates they have. That way you can try it. Delivery shouldn’t have an effect on your walk-in’s or sit-downs.

Good Luck

what are your competitors doing? do they offer delivery? what are their delivery charges? do some research. call your accountant and or lawyer and ask him or her what you have to do on your end. come up with a plan and advertize when and if you do start delivering. you have to figure out where you will deliver to, how many miles radius do you want to go? do you want to do a minimum for delivery? do you want to hire drivers and have them use their cars, or do you want to purchase fleet vehicles and have them use those cars? I think if customers like your food, then some will like the convienience of delivery. Ask your carryout customers what they think of the idea. talk it up with them and get some insight on that.