I think I am getting hosed by my supplier!!

I have just done some number crunching in preperation for a price increase and was scared by what I found. Has anyone else had these precentage increases since January 1st of this year?

All white Chicken 11.27%
Bacon 20.16%
Pineapple 16.94%
Spaghetti 35.03%
Canola (vegetable) Oil 24.46%

and then there is the Cheese that we won’t even go into.

I doubt you’re getting hosed. In the states, My vegi oil skyrocketed, as did my pineapple, and ripe olives. Seen two recent increases in our custom boxes, and flour has increased by nearly 60%. Liquid margerine, garlic, sauce, styrofoams, they’ve all increased. My new menu prices will be introduced January 1st to help offset some of these increases.


Those % increases are nothing compared to what we have had here in Australia.

But I do think in some ways the manufacturers, not the supplier is using the world shortages in some comodities as a means of increasing their cost above what is reality. I questioned the company who makes our cheese after they put up prices 63% over an 8 week period if they gave the dairy farmer a 63% increase in milk supply returns - they hung up on me.

What is really coming to the fore is that globalisation means that there are now bigger companies controlling more of the markets than before. They have just swallowed up their competitors and in some case only left 2 players in any particluar market.

Globalisation = less competition = higher prices = obsene profits for the companies. All the big companies have shares interest in other companies by one way or another so the money just goes around the top end of the corporate world. Who loses? Us small businesses and our customers, Joe public.


Spaghetti is up 35%???


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