I think i can save all of you money on, MAILERS, MENUS ETC..

I was talking to my printer and i think i can save alot of you money on your mailers, menus and door hangers and box toppers and more.

Please post up in this thread how much you pay from your current printing company and what quantity you order and what # paper they print on and the shipping price and if its color ETC and what size or what item they are printing. There is no SETUP fee from my printer at all, its all included in the PER UNIT PRICE, and shipping is in the price also

There is nothing in this for me , i am just trying to save you all some money if i can. They have been very good to me and never had an issue and they are the cheapest i have found so far.

Even if i cant beat your current printer its still worth a shot in the long run to save you all some money if we can

Thanks let me know if i can help

10,000 Flyers
Full Color Both Sides
100 lb. Gloss Book with Aqueous Coating

$355.30 + $76.71 shipping = $432.01

10,000 Postcards
Full Color Both Sides
14pt Gloss Coated Cover with UV

$187.80 + $41.36 shipping = $229.16

10,000 Door Hangers
Full Color Both Sides
100 lb. Gloss Book with Aqueous Coating

$389.08 + $83.77 = $472.85

10,000 Box Toppers
Color Front, Blank Back
100 lb. Gloss Book with Aqueous Coating

$177.65 + $39.09 shipping = $216.74

wow do you own this company? thats a good price

I will find out tommorow from my company

Wow…Those are some great prices…Many places are not that low even for 60 pound paper…So 100 pound is a deal…

Many operators don’t own the rights to the photos that they use. I am one of them. Thanks for the offer though.

we use our own pics of our food…

POTM, if you are using stock photography, you have purchased those rights and they can be moved from one printer to another. They are not tied to the printer, even if the printer was who found the shot and incorporated it into the design. Same goes with the layout work other printers have done for you over time. You paid for that work and it now belongs to you.

Not the case with all printers. My printer owns the rights and I cannot use them elsewhere. Make sure you check with your printer before doing so.


Roger: wow!! Please tell me YOUR printer.


My situation is a little different than most. A while back I did some design work as a side business with a friend of mine and we had brokerage accounts with a few companies. Through him I still have access to the discount broker prices.