I thought I've seen it all...

I was driving today when I came up on a truck. In the hitch was a bulls head and a large family jewels hanging moving back and forth.

Who does this?

I’ve seen boat props, ford, chevy emblems but nothing like this.

Is this over the top?


There is a guy here near my location that drives a yellow VW Beatle with a pink set hanging from the back bumper.

Around here they’re called “truck nuts”, and the Florida legislature found the time and budget to outlaw them a year ago.

Pink ones…HHhhhmmmmmmm??? :idea:


Just as long as their not blue! :frowning:

or a camel toe… :roll:


I have been seeing them around here for a couple of years, they do lack a little couth but then…
You can buy them on Ebay or here