Ice Machine

Hi guys

brand new ice machine i bought came in and was installed and they told me it would tkae a while until it starts making ice well its been on since this morning and thats close to 10 hrs and still no ice i mean it looks like it working but i dont know much about it… anybody know??

Check to be sure it isn’t in clean mode or something.

try to find the control panel,see if it is in the “make” position or “wash” position.
also,check to see if there is fresh water coming into the reservoir,there should not be…at least not continuously.

yeah the water is running and the mode is ON not wash

all it does it turns on for a while freezes the MESH and then after a while the MESH is hot and then over and over

No water pouring over the frozen mesh?

not that i see i just touched it and like little pieces of ice frozen and thats it… and on the side there is some water but not floating enough i guess

there should be a cube sizer on the front of the grid,or control panel.
if on the grid,bend it outward just a tad.
what it sounds like is it is cycling to soon.
if on the panel you will need to turn the sizer knob.
they should have waited to make sure it was working b-4 they left…

when you say the water is runing do you mean over the grid or fresh water into the reservoir?
it will not make ice if there is fresh water running in,it wont get cold enough.
the grid is supposed to get hot to release the cubes,no water should be running at all at this time.

did you get it solved???
fill me in

yes ice machine is fixed…

the guys that installed it came in and fixed it … valve problem plus it wasnt geting enough water…

thanx for the help