Ice maker guidance

Looking to purchase our ice machine and wondered what I need to know. I’m looking at a Scotsman SCOI0303, “undercounter” unit v. their std. upright SCOI7330. They are within 50lbs. of daily production capacity, yet the upright is nearly $500 higher after you factor in the bin.

What am I missing here? Is there some inherent life-span or other issue with the “undercounter” style? We’ll be placing it against a wall near our dish room, so it’s not like I “need” to have the undercounter style, I was just looking at price.

Not real sure we have never gotten an undercounter. Make sure to get an air cooled it will save you hundreds on your water bill.

I have a limited capacity undercounter at our bar. We fill our pop ice bin at the beginning of the day. Then let maker do its job. Works great. Occasionally when slammed we will still need to buy a bag or 2. No big deal.

Do you need the bin? If its just ice for your pop machine, you can get a mounting kit to set an ice maker head on top of the pop fountain, and therefore, you dont have to mess with hauling ice around. Just make sure your ice maker head is the right size.

If you do need the bin, you might find a restaurant supply store near you and see what they have or can get you as far as a used ice bin that the new head will fit on.