Ice maker says "bin full" even when it isn't.

Every year, as soon as temperatures go over 85, my ice machine starts causing me problems. Right now, it’s filling half way and then saying the bin is full. I spent several days with it being empty in the mornings but saying it’s full. This is the one that loads into the soda fountain and we use it to fill the salad bar in the morning, I don’t have anywhere to put another ice machine.

I’m almost certain it has to do with the sensors on the bottom, because if I clean them, it will start making ice again. The problem is, I’d have to be going down to clean them every couple hours all night to get it to fill up. I have mineral buildup on parts of the machine, so I’m guessing that’s probably what’s on the sensors. Has anyone dealt with this before, I’m wary of using to aggressive of a cleaner and completely ruining the sensors.

what kind of ice maker is it? Do you own it or lease it?

Ours has “eyes” and so every six months or so I have to clean it…I just use a tiny bit of vinegar on a soft toothbrush and it starts