Iceberg Lettuce?

Anyone not use iceberg lettuce in their salads? If so, what do you use and why?

The whys of not using it are simple–iceberg lettuce is mostly water. The nutritional value is minimal. The appearance is inconsistent at best.

The reasons to use it are just as easy: cheap, familiar, better life (if handled properly).

Romaine or other leaf lettuces just don’t stand up as long. If you’re talking a salad bar situation, leaf lettuce is really difficult to use. But, since many customers prefer the leaf, it can work by prepping smaller quantities more often.

We use a blend and are happy with it. Customers seem to like it.

We used Iceberg for 30 years, but went to romaine last year. The Romaine seems su-
perior in every way, and customers like it better…but that’s not why we changed: Every winter, about Feb-March, Iceberg goes from 15-20 dollars a case, to 50-60 dollars a case, often with a limit per account - like one case a week. (and it’s crap). Romaine, on the other hand, is quite stable price-wise, and available year-round. Tho during that same winter time frame, it is better (quality-wise) to get Romaine Hearts, as opposed to whole heads.

We use iceberg heads and mix in a Spring mix we pick up from SAMS. I’ve tried EVERY suppliers version of a nice Spring mix, but I can’t get it to hold for the entire week no matter how I handle it. The stuff from SAMS for some reason I can keep in my walk-in for 8-10 days before the slightest degrading starts.

FWIW…we also use leaf lettuce crowns for our sandwiches, they just give a nice fresh look on the plate.

Makes you wonder what they add to it to make the shelf life so long.

We have never used iceberg. We use romain for ceasar and greek salads and spring mix for our garden salads. If spinach is moving too slow in other uses, we will mix it into the spring mix before we have to dispose of it.

We Cut fresh romaine daily and mix it with the spring mix at about a 50/50 ratio. I agree with you all the prepackaged spring mix just browns so quickly! I really do believe that the romaine adds a lot to the salad.

I make homemade dressings and get frequent requests for me to sell it. Any ideas how I can do this legally??

Nah Paul…it says right on the label it’s “Organic” ! It has to be good right? :roll:

Just offer a 12oz or whatever size drink cup, with a regular plastic lid, for a price. It’s just a larger
dressing option. To do something like bottling, you’re getting into a much different scene.