Ideas for a "butter spray" method.

Hey all,
Right now I use liquid margarine and garlic powder mixed in a squeeze bottle… i squeeze the mix on to my breadsticks then spread with a brush.

I have been trying to come up with a way to spray the mix on to the sticks instead… because it would essentially use less and be less messy… I tried to use a regular spray bottle but the mix was to thick, it didn’t spray a mist, it sprayed a stream. I watered it down enough to actually mist but it the butter flavor was gone.

I also tried aerosol cans with a butter and butter/garlic flavor… that gets pricy and taste like aerosol.


Thanks all!

We melt butter in a maketable crock in the microwave…add garlic and use a brush to brush on. Works great…unless you tip over the crock…man what a disaster…happened probably 4 times in 14 years. :wink:

I think spray would work best for my situation… thoughts?

I don’t think you can get something to be an aerosol just by using a sprayer. I believe something is actually added to oils to make them atomize or whatever it is called. I’ll bet Lehmann knows about this…

I mix liquid margarine and several garlic’s together in a 8 quart container. I only fill it to 1 quart. I keep a high end paint brush in the container and just brush it on the dough as needed. This works much faster and less messier than any spray would. Hope this helps you.

we hit/spritz our breadstix with a spray bottle of H2O only, then shake on a parm/garlic/basil spice blend & bake, served w/sauce on side

I know of a couple restaurants that use a small electric Wagner paint sprayer. Liquid butter is about the same consistency as paint.

But you didn’t hear that from me :slight_smile:

Wow, that would certainly get it done fast! I can imagine lining up 100 sf of garlic bread and spraying them all from a 5 gallon paint bucket. :lol:

lol, interesting…

I know Pizza Hut uses some type of spray butter for their breadsticks and pan pizzas… last time i was there about a year ago I stood at the counter and could see them in the back spraying it all down.

Although they could be spraying H2O on it, as Patriot’sPizza recommended.


Yeah, it goes pretty darn fast. Not saying that I’ve seen it or anything 8)

I never was able to get a nice finish with my power painter, I guess I have another use for it now :lol: