Ideas for a "College Student Package"

I’m looking to do a package for all college students when they start back up August 23rd(Thank GOD !!).

We got in touch with the person responsible for the dorms and she is going to allow us to provide each dorm with menus, magnets, phone stickers and anything else we can think of to each room. There are 900 rooms all together on campus. We’re looking into getting into a huge off campus student housing complex over 1,100 units.

Any ideas besides the usual ? Right now we have a menu designed especially for the campus(has the campus name on it and says we deliver there. We changed the ‘specials’ section to reflect specials just for the college students. Inside the menu there is a ‘free pizza coupon’ BOGO coupon to get them started. I’m having magnets made up with Penn States football schedule on it and doing stickers that go right on their house phone with our number and two specials.

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated !

When I think about college, I think about two things:


Do you sell it? If not, co-op with the nearest distributor to your store. You include a price list from the distributor, they pass out your menus in return.


“Enter to win one of 5 $100 gift certificates to the bookstore!” Give us your email, address, etc. to win!

Okay, maybe 3 things… You could also get custom-made condoms with your logo on the wrapper. JK


Something else you might want to look into, and I’m not sure if you have them out there, are the student planners. We have a company out here that produces these student planners and distributes them to all the students. Inside these planners the distribution company sells advertising. We’ve done this in our Lawrence, KS location for the last few years and it’s worked relatively well over there. Actually, I think this year the Lawrence store has the cover. Do you have anything like that out there?


I’d pick your slowest day of the week and offer a college day special. They don’t have lots of money so a medium pizza for 5 or 6 bucks.

You could make “room baskets” with all the goodies maybe some Pizza Dough ($1.00 off coupon) You could get those can cooler things with your name.

Donate some t shirts for door prizes for the most creative hall or whatever other events the RA’s have.

You could also have a special pricing for big orders and let the RA know. Say the whole hall wants to order pizzas give em a deal.

Just some thoughts off the top of my head

And by the way…Make sure to take care of the person letting you in the door. I would give her a big thank you.

I know when I was in school (Go Bucks!) it was all about money. We ate garbage pizza and loved it because it was cheap. 16" 2-top for $5.95 free delivery. I hold a slightly different perspective now.

Anyway, my roommates and I had a routine every week for where we would eat. Monday was Skyline Chili, buy a beer get a free cheese coney, limit two. Tuesday I don’t remember. But Wednesday was a bar around the corner, buy a pitcher of beer get a free 12" 2-top pizza.

The point is, be the cheapest one day of the week. Check out the other campus offerings so you’re the only one that particular night. I do a Friday night special at my store. When you do a day-of-the-week special what you are doing is attempting to increase your market share that day, not necessarily increase the size of the market. I figure I’ll do better by increasing my market share on the day with the biggest market.

Something with your name on it that they can take to football games? Maybe expensive, but coozies, stadium cushions, or something like that. If you are talking about Penn State, then football is outrageously important. Something themed for Pappa Joe could be popular . . . or unpopular depending on which way the wind’s blowing and the Lions’ record. Really, a tribute pizza or special to Paterno could be a seller.