Ideas for additional menu items for a Deck Oven.

Hello All,

I am about halfway done with the construction of my pizza shop. I decided to only have two Bakers Pride (602) Deck Ovens for my cooking purposes. I decided not to have fryers, stove, and grill because of the pain and expense of a type 1 hood. I am in the process of making my menu and am looking for ideas and suggestions for items to add such as mozzarella sticks, hot wings, chicken strips, etc…Anyone out there offering these items and using a deck oven to prepare them?..Ive been making my wings and they are pretty good considering, (I actually precook them and put them in the oven for 10 minutes with the sauce). I have also baked some chicken strips and they turned out pretty good as well. I just am not sure if there’s something Im missing, other than the fact that fryers cook faster…and are tastier due to the grease. Anyways, any ideas for additional items and/ methods would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much in advance.

McCains and some other vendors have ovenable appetizery things like ravioli, cheese sticks and even french fries. In addition to that, there are garlic knots, crostini, baked pastas, and casseroles to name a few.

Hi Rookie:

Just wondering:

About the lowest CFM of exhaust for the ovens indicated would be to use a cap hood at 1600 CFM exhaust rate. That would indicate that you will be required to bring a minimum of 1600 CFM of air back into your building.

What method are you using to bring that make up air back into your building?

If you are using a make up air unit does it have a furnace built in to warm the incoming air during winter and does it have a built in air conditioner to cool the hot summer air it will bring in?

George Mills

Hello George,

I had to have my entire kitchen engineered and designed by an architect. My exhaust system consists of a type 2 hood, 2400 cfm exhaust fan and a swamp cooler (make up air unit) combined with my AC. I dont think the makeup air has a furnace, but the swap cooler can blow cooler air in the summer months. Our weather in central CA is pretty mild year round so Im pretty lucky that way I guess. Im not sure of the specifics, but I know my county is extremely keen and strict on the exhaust/ make-up air requirments. Hope that makes sense to you because it doesnt to me.


We have an database of recipes available online which may be helpful. Most of these recipes have been tested using a pizza oven - without a lot of stove and fryer use.

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]Menu Part - Appetizer, Breakfast, Calzone, Entree & Casserole, Pasta & Rice Dish, Pizza, Salad, Sandwich, and Soup
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