Ideas for building frequency

We’re in the process of completely revamping our marketing plans. I want to start to reduce the amount of “cold” marketing we do and start focusing on building more sales with our database. Four years in and we’ve saturated our market over and over and over again. Other than new movers, I don’t think there’s much left in the well.

Our biggest problem is customer frequency. Our database is PACKED with customers, but there’s many we see on average of every 6-8 weeks only. I attribute this mainly to us being expensive. We’re more of a “restaurant” than a “pizza place”. I think people come to us to go “out to eat” instead of “grabbing a pizza.”

I do 30-60-90 day mailers and plan to pick up the intensity of that.

What other ideas have you used to get your customer database to order more often? If all of the “active” people on our database ordered just once per month I’d be able to retire!

Or, do you think it might just be a matter of sending out more compelling offers? I’m open to all suggestions :slight_smile:

Have you contacted any of them and asked why they have not made a purchase?..It would be no good to spend money on marketing of some sort that still does not catch their attention…

I haven’t made any contact, mainly because I have NO problem getting them in with coupons. 30-60-90 mailers work pretty good. That leads me to believe it’s not a product or service problem.

We’re either too expensive and are therefore a treat, or my customers are extremely lazy. If it’s that we’re too expensive I can fix that with more compelling offers.

I’m hoping it’s the latter though, which is why I’d like some ideas. What can I do to stay fresh in people’s minds?

I am a newbie in this business ( approx 4 yrs). That said I know what has worked for us. We NEVER offer a discount or a coupon unless it is supporting a local “cause” or to overcome a complaint. We are (proudly)known to be the most expensive pizza in town ( small town with 3 pizzerias, approx 6,000 people,no chains and one of the competition is heavy into the coupon/3 for one thing). We are take out/delivery only. Every single time I have agonized about having to increase the prices,and done so, we have increased in profitability AND volume!! Coupon customers buy their pizza from whoever has the “best” coupon that week. ZERO LOYALTY. One thing I do is customer call backs. The next day, call everybody that ordered from you the night before, introduce yourself as the owner, and ask them how they were looked after last night and how was their pizza?. Answering machine? Leave the same message.
Completely blows their mind. I have been told about people talking about the message on their phone two weeks later. Never discount your product. I’m probably all confused and doing it all wrong, however, works for us!

Great idea, and one I can certainly implement. You’ve nailed what I’m trying to do here… get people in more often WITHOUT more couponing.

20% of my database is very loyal and will keep coming in regardless if they have a coupon. I need to get those other 80% ordering more often, preferably without discounting.

Remember the old saying 20% of your customers give you 80% of your business. I think the other 80% need to be reminded sometime.

We have taken to developing “feature” pizzas or other menu items. We’ll postcard the zip code with a couple new feature pizzas . . . or some old ones still not on menu . . . in attempt to get people to think about us and maybe try the new pies. We’ll also be doing chicken parmesan feature soon, and maybe a couple sandwich features. We use it to test market some pizzas, and to highlight some high margin items on the menu. Make it playful and make it compelling so their mouths water. We may throw in a value added, like a dessert add-on for a buck or something.

With our new menu out with new items, we have some fodder for highlighting existing items for a while.

my first run friday at constant contact
I feel was successful, I sent out 589 emails. I got 18 direct responses. total 366.23
7 people opted out of the list, I have been compiling for 6 months now.
email looked great …My goal here is to email coupons every friday…on saturday I am going to email highlights of the football game and sunday something about our colts here in Indy…
If you decided to use them tell them nadia sent you (canuckfanlady) since she directed me too it…she should get the credit…so far so good for me

I notice you do not have a sign up spot on your website… Also, it is a good idea to put a link in your email signature…And I mean for regular email…Emails get forwarded and sometimes people you least expect will sign up…

I have spent the last couple days going over the Constant Contact tutorials…I have had an account for years, however, only used it infrequently…There is lots to learn…And “Email Marketing for Dummies” can nto hurt…

Which brings us back to this thread…

Rockstar, great job on the email! Yes, add a subscribe to me, etc. When you are first creating your email you will find you can check a couple of boxes to get those extra do dadds.
Great job. Easy to use, and my success rate is FAB! I find the BEST BEST BEST day to send it out is Thursday. The reason? Most people are looking for pizza on Friday, but, get them interested on the Thursday for the next day. They will be thinking of your fab pizza ALL Friday. I have tried every single day of the week (on different weeks of course) and Thursday is always the best day.


canukfanlady do you feature a new pizza each week?..I think most folks make up their own combination, however, you could come up with one and call it a “feature”…

will o that. I just wanted to get a fast one out…I will try thursday this time and my plan is a feature pizza once a week.