Ideas for Chicken Wings

I am currently serving pizza by the slice and some take-out whole pizzas. I was wondering if anyone has ideas about how I could make chicken wings? I only have a two deck oven and and quarter size convection oven. Any ideas would be appreciated.

easy, tyson has fully cooked wings that you can sauce and reheat taste great in a deck oven

We use La Nova wings that can be baked the same way. Actually I think La Nova has an entire line that can be oven baked, tenders etc.

Rockstar pizza,
Thank you for answering my post. I will check with my local distributors and see if they carry the Tyson chicken wings. I live only about 45 minutes away from Tyson, so one of the distributors around here should carry them. Do you use the Tyson chicken wings at your business? If you do, how well do they sell?

Thank you for letting me know what brand you use. I will check my distributors here and see if they carry that line. I am just looking for another item to add to my menu. I currently am at a farmer’s market stand, only selling NY Style pizza, garlic knots, stromboli, pizza pinwheels, and drinks. Most of my business is by the slice, with some whole pies for take-out.
Thanks again for your advise.

Tyson also makes a pre sauced and cooked wing that my customers prefer over anything I’ve tried to do on my own. They have 5 lb. bags at Sam’s Club, should have a few other flavors too.

indie pizza,
Thank you for the information. Do you just follow the instructions on the bag? I keep my deck oven about 475 degrees to 500 degrees. Is that too hot to make the wings?

previously we used the tyson that indie pizza used with good success…now we have a fryer and use pierce chicken and LOVE THEM


You can microwave the wings for 4-5 minutes and then spray a pan (like the pan for chzbreadsticks) and finish cooking in oven. If you don’t have a micro you can bake them totally in the oven but they take a long time to cook.

You could also thaw a days worth to help with the cooking time.

In your situation you might be better off pre making them and keeping them under a heat lamp or something.

The tyson ones from sam’s are great we have used those over the years when we were shorted or for the house


Rockstar Pizza,
Thank you for the information. I would love to make the wings myself, like you do, but I don’t have a exhaust hood. I only have vent for my pizza oven. That is what the code here requires me to have. Since I am operating at a farmer’s market, just one day a week, it would become to expensive to install the exhaust hood and fire suppression unit.
Thanks, again for the advise. I appreciate it.

Thank you for your advise. I am going to try the cheese sticks this week. I will let you know how that goes. I asked the market manager today about having wings and he has to decide if I am allowed. There are other standholders at the market that have broaster’s and I can’t figure out for the life of me why they don’t do wings. They do livers, gizzards, breasts, legs and thighs. I will post later if I am allowed to make the wings. I also thought about panni sandwiches, which no one has. I don’t know how time consuming they would be. Making the pizza crusts ahead has sure helped me keep up when I get busy. I am just trying to see what I can add that could possibly sell well.
Thanks again,

I imagine Panini sandwiches would be very quick and easy to pull off in your situation. Even the deli at Safeway is doing a Panini sandwich line… Basically you can have them completely pre-made, individually wrapped and refrigerated - then all you have to do is do a quick slather of butter or margarine on each side, and as they say on TV… “Set it and forget it”! :stuck_out_tongue:

Just be sure to have a good couple of digital timers that you can quick set, so you don’t forget that you have a sandwich on the press…

Thank you for the advise on the panni sandwiches. I will try and see about the wings first, if I am allowed to sell them. If not then on to the panni sandwiches.

We have quite a few sandwich recipes/ideas available on our website, most of which are made by running them through a pizza oven. … emplate=T3

Thank you everyone for giving me advise. I just found out Friday I am now allowed to make chicken wings. Now I will call my distributors and see what they have to offer. I have heard from many people that Frank’s Wing Sauce is very good with added butter. Does anyone use this sauce on their wings? I am going to buy pre made wings and then when heated in the oven, put them into sauce. I have a 3 tier pizza merchandiser with digital heat and humidity. Do you think I could have some pre made wings and store them on the bottom or should I just pre heat and then serve? Do you think I need a separate heat lamp.

There are a few different Franks sauces. To keep things simple, I would recommend using Franks Buffalo Wing sauce, which is already mixed with butter. Otherwise you’ll need to use Franks Red Hot and mix with butter or margarine yourself. If you want to offer both hot and mild wings, Use the Franks for your hot flavor and get Texas Petes Mild wing sauce for the mild. The flavor is pretty good for both of them and they are easily distingished by color once on the wings.

Thank you for your advise. I will buy both sauces and try them at home, before I decide to make the wings. I also want to keep it simple and only make mild and hot at first to see if the wings sell.
I appreciate your input.

Franks makes two options you might consider. They have a wing sauce that you don’t need to add anything to, or they have their hot sauce (amazing stuff) that you can mix 50-50 with either butter or ranch. I prefer to mix with ranch, since it will kill my customers a little slower than the butter.

I would be sure that you aren’t going to have customers order wings instead of other menu options. My wings probably have my lowest profit margin, while my slices are almost my highest profit margin item. Seasoned potato wedges and chicken strips are side items we use that have a much higher profit margin, they run about $1/lb as opposed to $3/lb for the wings.

Wow indie I think that I’ll never eat wings out again! The idea that my wing sauce might be 50% ranch will cure that urge from here on out. I have never heard of anyone mixing their hot sauce with ranch instead of butter till now but no need to take that chance. If you haven’t guessed, I find ranch to be a quite disgusting food. I worked at a pizzeria near Phoenix that “buttered” their garlic bread with ranch and then sprinkled garlic powder on. Now I can’t eat garlic bread anywhere for fear that others do this.

indie pizza,
Thank you for your advise. I see how chicken wings could be on the lower profit side. I am only trying something different that no one else has at the market. People that come to market have many choices for food. If I could pick any food I wanted to that would be great, but I can’t sell the same food as some one else has. I just want to add another item, that I thought people liked. Since other people sell chicken sandwiches, but not wings, that is why I decided to give it a try.
Thank you again for your help.