Ideas for Chicken Wings

That was a funny post. I guess you really don’t like ranch dressing! I will try anything and see if I like it. I made fresh wings at home tonight with the Frank’s Red Hot Original mixed with butter and they were great. Hopefully my wings will taste as good at market. I deep fried them here at home, so probably next week I will try wings at market.
I will try the ranch mixed with Frank’s at home and see how the wings turn out.
Thanks for the laugh!

Kris and everyone that has answered my post,
I did go to Sam’s and got some wings. I tried some at home and they were great. Thanks for the help.

Paul, you can easily identify the ranch/hot sauce. It is a pale orange, and has flecks of green crAp in it from the ranch. We do use it for a specific flavor (fajita) of wing and pizza sauce.

Frank’s has its original RedHot sauce and its Hotter Than RedHot. I use them for my hot and mild . . . same recipe, but Frank’s base is hotter. You canalso just use the redhot sauce with different blends with butter. Use 3:2 hot:margarine for mild and equal parts to 2:1 for the hotter flavor.