Ideas for parade

Talk about waiting until the last minute. We are going to be in the memorial day parade in our small town.

Any ideas on what and where to get things to “toss”. I was thinking of imprinted cups maybe or any ideas where to get them?

Any ideas on what to do with the trailer?

If you can get an oven up there, that could be a sweet anchor to your float (literally). You could pull things out of the oven to toss out. You might want to check local ordinances about throwing things as our county and towns are kinda strict about it (cleanup, injury risk, etc.).

If you can toss things, I can recommend using GUMMI PIZZAS by eFruti!! They are tragically cute for this as well as Halloween. We use them for Halloween ourselves. The best price we found ($15 for 48 count) is at … ummi+pizza

It will be something the kids talk about, and you can put stickers on back with coupon offer of some sort. Shipping is pretty quick to me (couple days), but don’t know where you guys are located. They ship from Hampstead NY; they are on Long Island.

Last year at our local parade I had 3 clients hand out fridge magnets…I have also had clients hand out printed stadium cups…What kind of quantity are you looking for?..What is your budget?..There are lots of items that can make your date…RCS…