Ideas on how to adjust yeast for longer dough life?

I usually close on Sunday only and make my dough Saturday afternoons and it’s good on Mondays. I’ll be closing both Sunday and Monday this next week for the holiday and am looking for advice on how to adjust my yeast levels to slow down the fermentation by a day or so.

Right now my yeast is set at 0.38%. How much lower should I take it to set my dough back a day?

Thanks to all in advance.

You shouldn’t need to adjust the yeast levels, but use ice cold water when mixing your dough. Ball it up and get it in the cooler as soon as you can after mixing and you should be fine mixing on Saturday for use on Tuesday.

The water I use right now is always at 65 Degrees which produces a finished dough temp of 83 degrees. Should I go lower you think? Like 50 degrees or lower?

Tom has suggested in the past to take the water you plan to use for your dough and put it in your cooler and take it out as your mixing the dough. I take that to mean that the water would be between 37 - 39 degrees when it hits the mixer bowl. Your finished dough temp then is around the 70 degree range.

You can also put the dough bowl in the cooler too.
I usually make the dough without any changes. Then I put the dough-trays crossed so the dough chills faster, right in the walk-in cooler for about an hour. then I stack them up, locked the way they should be. It always worked.

Absolutely right Scootie, dough temperature is the key, not yeast level. If you are normally getting your dough off the mixer at 80 to 85F the dough will be ready to use on the following day, but if you reduce the dough temperature, off the mixer, to 70F it won’t be ready to use until 36 to 48-hours in the cooler, by dropping the temperature even further, to the 60 to 65F range, your dough should not be readyto use until a full 48 to 60-hours in the cooler. Don’t forget to make sure the dough baxes are cross stacked for at least 2-hours before down stacking and nesting the boxes.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

That’s what I did…took my water temp down to 45 and the dough was good until Wedneday. Thanks for the advice. :slight_smile:

Just hope your competition does not find out how old your dough is…Indies should always use the freshest and best quality ingredients…Years ago we found out our competition was using frozen dough balls and we exploited the heck out of it…I am not saying you can not get away with it but it could easily backfire…

Does not mean the dough is “old”. It just slows the fermentation, which some say improves the flavor.

If it is being done for that purpose, great…Then do it everyday and keep consistent…And market your product as “Aged for better flavour”…

But in this case it is being done for convenience and I would be concerned that the pizza you get on Saturday tastes different than the one you get on Wednesday with Saturday’s dough…

Very true. Consistency trumps all.