Ideas to promote 4 year anniversary.

My four year anniversary is coming up and I was thinking about what kind of promotions I might be able to pull off. The four-in-one immediately came to mind. I don’t currently have a 16" box, but I guess I could get a couple of bundles and give it a shot. I could do medium one topping “Customer Appreciation” style for $4.00 I guess…

Our USP is “More Then Just Great Pizza.” So I was also thinking about finding 4 side items and selling them for $4.00 each. We offer wings, subs, salads, pasta, and pizza.

We also have a dining room, so I was thinking about doing birthday cake in the dining room every day at 7pm or something for a week.

I’d like to play with the number 4 in the promotion, but I’m not 100% set on it if someone has a better idea.