Ideas to speed sandwich / Sub toasting?

Hey all,
I need some ideas for my sandwich shop. We do Panini’s/Subs/Wraps
Right now, after we top Paninis and Wraps we toast them in a Panini press… which takes 1:30sec.

Subs, we add the meat and cheese then put in the press for 1:30sec. remove them then top and wrap.

I raise the temp and it toasts the outside long before the inside gets warm, I lower the temp and the time is much longer.

I spray the Panini’s and Wraps with a Oil/Butter Spray… as for the subs we just spray the press with a pan coating spray so the subs dont get all greasy.

I can’t seem to find a way to speed the cooking time and still get a decent warm center.

Is there another type of Oil product or something that I could use to transfer the heat of the press faster into the product?

Thanks all!

not sure if you wanted to add more equipment but this works great … 2c6a021951

I have a tornado oven like the one on ebay (mine is older). It can toast an 8" sub in 45 seconds inside and out!

We like the lines of the Panini grill that stays on the sub, but it’s just too time consuming. Do you leave them “open face” when you put it in these types of ovens?

Yes. We put the cheese slices on top of the veggies to hold it all in and to keep the lettuce from getting brown.

ah so your toasting after you top the sub… we attempted that when we open but 90% of the people wanted it toasted before topping, so I had to get another press and move it up the line to toast before topping.

This is where the problem comes in at… because people have to stand there and wait 1:30 to have the sub removed then topped while the other people getting non-toasted items, panini’s and wraps cut in front of them. And when they do that it throws off the line.

I am looking into getting a seperate oven for sandwiches breadsticks etc. would anyone recommend a quizno sized conveyer belt oven instead?

Hi guys

We sell a chain the Amana MXP 22 they find it does the job best in their pizza shops.

George Mills

@ George Mills:the oven you mention is a little out of our budget for now at 9k,is there a cheaper alternative,that is also quick?
pizza of the month:what else do you cook in your tornado oven and for how long?we sell lots of BOSCO cheese sticks that take a while to brown,something that can cook those faster would help out a lot.

bennyspizza » Wed Dec 19, 2012 7:41 am

@ George Mills:the oven you mention is a little out of our budget for now at 9k,is there a cheaper one?

Not that I know of that can do the job in the short time you require and that would not hve to be under a hood.

George Mills