I normally use IDY (1oz) in my dough mix. My procedure is add the water, oil, salt, and sugar to the bowl in that order. Mix with a whisk, add the flour, (25lb bag) shake the yeast on top, then mix.

The other day I got my yeast the vendor sent me ADY, and he could not get any IDY to me in time so I had to use it. My rep said to use the same measurements, and that it would just need to proof slightly longer (I use a cold fridge proofing).

I am now noticing that the dough is a lot flatter than it usually is, and seems to be a bit stickier to the dough tray. Should I throw this batch out and start a new one (it may cut me very close on dough) or should this dough still come out the same?

You need to ‘bloom’ ADY, so you may not get the same end product…I wouldn’t chance it…

Tom Lehmann answered this question in another post.

I would like to offer some suggestions that may improve your process and make a better dough. After you hydrate the yeast add it to the rest of the water in your bowl then add the dry ingredients and mix until there is no sign of dry ingredients. This is when you add your oil to the dough and continue to mix (I increase the speed of my mixer at this point). By waiting to add the oil you allow the flour to get a better hydration.

Thank you for the advice. I went ahead and discarded the batch and made a new one.

Did you try to bake at least one pie with it for your own personal experimentation?
It might have been something really good, it may morph into something completely different. Who knows?
I do know many famous things came about by accidents and mistakes.

Not ‘blooming’ the yeast will never yield a pleasant surprise…