Hi everyone!

At the moment i am using a IDY (instant yeast) in my dough recipe. I am very happy with my dough. However other operators i know (friends) are all using active dry yeast in their formulas, and they all swear by it. I know that both yeasts perform the same job in the dough process just at different speeds. I am curious as to whether using the ADY will give me a better product? any advice would be appreciated.

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Current recipe so you get the idea
Flour 100%
Water 56%
Salt 1.8%
Yeast 0.5%
Oil 3.0% (60% veg, 40% Olive)
Sugar 2.0%

Actually it won’t…you run a higher risk of messing it up. It has to be mixed with warm water and if I remember it is around 105 degrees. Too hot or too cold ruins it. You also run into employees trying to hurry the process along and not letting it “suspend” which gives ya clumps.

Been there done that…

IDY is fool proof for the most part. You add it and go.


stick with idy no need to activate it do not worry about others not a factor to better product :wink:

Yeah thats what i was thinking. Just needed some extra opinions. Thankyou!