if anybody is in need of a website or logo design contact me

hi guys… i’ve been a member of this pmq for a while… my friend and i are starting a web design business specializing on small business, mainly pizzerias and restaurant… if you guys are interested let me know… online ordering or anything you guys need… once we done with our website i will post it… The reason im posting this is because i have seen a few people asking about websites, online ordering etc… im in the pizza business so i understand what is needed on a website… thanks



Sounds good… if you want Pm me and we can talk better and we can get it going…

I’m definitely going to be interested in the coming months.

Do you have a portfolio of some of the work you’ve done? I’d be interested in checking it out.

Sounds great!.. We are in the middle of putting together our porfolio and finishing up our website. Also we are working on some projects now, 2 of them pizzerias so once those are done I will post them here. Also we are putting together some marketing tools that can help a lot, specially for pizzerias. Like I’ve mentioned before I manage my brother’s pizzeria, going on 9 years now… so what I’m doing is testing the ideas that I put together and the ones that work I use them for my web design customers who are interested… simple example is making sure your page and your business name comes up in the top 3 spots in google when someone is searching for pizza etc in your area… Also, if you guys send me your logo and are interested on a free sample of a site I would be happy to do that… and if you are interested in online ordering we can also do that. Sorry for the long response lol, iam too excited about this, combining 2 things I like the most… pizza and designing…