If I could punch a website in the face I would

Anyone ever heard of this: www.thewatercoolr.com

It’s a site where sales people can vent anonymously about customers they call on. Check out the review of me (allegedly my business but really, just me):

This guy never responds. No matter what my emails, voice messages or how much I spend in his restaurant - he won’t respond. As far as I’m concerned, that means he doesn’t care about growing his business and he is risking a lot of potential diners. From what I hear this guy is a shade ball anyway. I’m done eating there and the more I hear about this guy, the more I think I probably don’t want to do business with him anyway.

Notice that all I did was ignore him. Does anyone in sales think this is a good idea? Setting up a site where you can rant on customers that don’t by your crappy “web optimization” product? Surely the company employing these people would fire someone if they found out what was going on.

I guess I’m offended by the personal insult but it’s also a blessing - in the end, maybe, just maybe, I’ll get fewer sales calls because of this review.

Feel free to contact their Facebook fans and let them know you would never consider buying products from a business that would be a part of such a site (politely of course).


Somebody just left him a nice response…

Hi pcuezze

Thoughts from a real sales person

  1. This is the worst site I have ever seen in my life. When you are in sales, not everyone that you are selling to will be interested in your product or even have time to speak with you due to busy schedules. As a sales person you need to accept this SIMPLE fact and move on to the next call or appointment. What theses idiots that are posting these complains do not understand is that if the owner who they are referencing finds out who they are, they will never ever, ever want to do business with them again. Furthermore, I would be willing to bet the sales people that are posting these comments have no idea what is involved in owning and running a restaurant.

  2. I went to their website and under their FAQ section, one of the FAQ’s was “Why did they start this website”

“We started this site to provide a community of kickass salespeople that share in the same excitement and frustrations of the daily sales grind. We want to be able to voice our opinions and share our stories and thoughts on the business owners and decision makers we deal with on a daily basis.”

Note to website: I think they need to redefine what a “Kick Ass Sales Person” is? Based on their website a kick as sales person is a whiney loser who doesn’t understand sales and can’t handle rejection professionally

  1. It would be great if business owners could create a site like this to complain about whiney & harassing sales reps and companies to avoid doing business with.

  2. I would hope their managers are not aware of this activity. I would fire a rep for this. If they would have spent that time calling another lead they may have made a sale. Instead they chose to use their time to go on the internet and whine on a website that nobody cares about. Furthermore, would you want to be known as the company that goes online and whines about every prospective customer that doesn’t give you business. I would never want to even interact with a company whose reps engage in this activity let alone to business with them.

That’s my 2 cents.


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Just wait to the likes of PPG and other whinging drivers find this site and start laying into owners for “ripping them off”.

Thanks guys. Bodge, that was above and beyond.

Josh, thanks for being a presence on the forum. As a customer of yours, I appreciate your presence without pushiness. Good stuff.


Note to all “Sales People”… you are so far from kickass if you participate in such a site. Stand up for your kickass self and SIGN YOUR NAME!!! :!:

From a business owner, which means I am a salesman.

This is a self destructing website.

One salesperson jerk, is another salesperson best customer. If indeed the customer does give a salesperson a hard time, then i much prefer my competitors to waste their time and find that out for themselves.

If the customer is the best, then I definitely want to keep that to my self.

I suggest though that you remove the hyper link from your comment as your supplying their website with link juices, which is good for them.

I would be more worried about reviews from my customers, rather than a vindictive site.

Good Luck


Why are people complaining about this web site? There are web sites out there dedicated to tenticle pron. You have better things to be worried about. If there is one thing that approaches death and taxes as the only certainties in life, it is that there will be a web site that complains about you no matter what you do.

Giving a site like that any sort of energy what so ever is a complete waste of energy. Getting worked up about it just justifies the guy. He made his point, and did exactly what he was looking out to do, made you angry enough to complain about it.