If you could clone yourself...

If you could clone yourself, do you feel the two of you could set the world on fire in the pizza industry?

I was thinking about this. I feel that employee work ethics have dropped to a all time low. It seems more people have their hands out than ever. If I was aligned with the same work ethic as me, the sky would be the limit.

Anyone feel the same way?


Yes. Where are young peoples minds these days? They have no ability to remember or think. Also, too much drama.
I hope its just me getting older and its the “generation gap” thing. If not, we are in trouble when these kids become parents.

Oh brother and how…I am fortunate in that we have our oldest son working right along side and his work ethic and common sense is 99.9% right with mine. But why oh why is it that I am the only one that can prep dough right, make pies right, cook a steak right, dress a plate right, heck even wash dishes and clean the bathroom right??

It’s the need to manufacture drama (and conflict) where there is none that baffles me. I have to twist my G.M.'s arm to hold meetings with the shift managers because it always turns into an hour-long episode of The Real World: Pizzeria and it sucks all the life force from his very soul.

I had a call off Wed,Thur and tonight. Work ethic is gone.

Everyone wants as many hours possible as long as its around their personal schedule.

When I make a dentist appointment, I schedule at a time and day I know I’m away from the shop. When a employee schedules a appointment, they schedule it on their shift and expect me to work around it without notice.

Had a employee yesterday say, by the way, I can’t work next Fri,Sat and Sun because we were giving tickets to something-


I have the staff that wants time off make arrangements for someone to cover the shift. Both people have to come to me to let me know the shift is covered. If they cant get the shift covered and they do a no show I take it as a resignation.