I know it maybe to late to book events, but thought someone might be able to help me. Anyone know of any special events that are easy to get into, or that you are doing and want to share. I’m located about 60 miles SW of Chicago but willing to travel a bit. Thank You

In another time, in a galaxy far, far away, I used to live in Chicago (truth is, I was raised there). I had a donut shop at that time and I had my donut mobile that I took to any event I could get into. I sold donuts at the shop for $1.87 a dozen for cake donuts, (1.75-ounce scaling weight) and I made fresh donuts in my truck using a Donut Robot and a 2-ounce scaling weight (made donuts look more plump) and solde them for $0.50 each ($6.00 a dozen). I did quite well too, thank you.
Some of the things to look into: Galena Air Show, Galena, IL.; Taste of Chicago (used to be called The Lake Front Festival); Contact each county to get information on their County Fair (DeKalb and Will) were always good to me, Then there is the State Fair in Springfield, and don’t forget about the Corn Festivals that are held around the state (at least they used to be). Talk to the 4-H groups to find out when they have their fairs. Since most of these are agriculture related you might do well by visiting with a county agriculture agent, that’s how I zeroed in on the ones I went to.
Good Luck, and have a lot of fun!
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

There are a couple of internet site I use a lot - - try:

I would also recommend doing research on the chamber of commerce or tourism for city, county or states you’re interested in.