I'm an idiot...

So I have to change my password to the windows admin account every few months on the POS computer… just like i’m sure you all to do. I did it quickly the other day. Then I noticed later in the day that the password I changed it to wasn’t working. In my hast I must have typed the wrong thing, TWICE! ugh! Since then I have been trying different ways of typing the password wrong with no luck.

does anyone know how to recover a password without calling in a pro? I really don’t feel like paying speedline $250 for something so stupid.

Before you say it I know “All knowledge is expensive”

If you have multiple Admin accounts you can log into the other one and change it… unless it is the actual administrator account (which i never allow anyone to use, i make admin accounts for everything).

If it’s the administrator account, i hope speedline has a back door built in (assuming they do).

Btw, why are you changing an admin account password so often ?

its a requirement every 6 months or so i don’t count there is a popup that tells me to do it…there is another admin account that i did change correctly im not sure it has power over this one I will check

Its every 3 months

You CAN change that … Honestly password policy’s got so screwed up over the last 10 years or so. The NIST finally revised their official password policy to reflect this idiocy that has come about.

It officially states that password changes should ONLY occur if an intrusion is detected or the account got hacked. Forcing people to change the password every “insert random requirement here” actually makes things less secure and leads to passwords being written down and stolen.

Also if they are forcing you to use the actual administrator account for this, STOP right now. That account should only be used for initial setup and fixing admin accounts like this scenario. Everything should be done under an account in the admin group or administrator privileges (depending on what version of windows you are using).

If you can log in under SLAdmin you should be able to do this through CMD prompt. Try searching password changes via command prompt on google

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Also, is it possible, it was just caps lock was on?

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If its a Windows computer you can try a tool called KonBoot. It will allow you to login to the computer using any password. Once logged in, create a second admin acct as you will not be able to reset the password while logged in using kon boot. Once you create the account, reboot, login with the newly created admin account and reset the main admin password. Let me know if you encounter any issues.

Hope that helps


I Love You @Steve! That was it! let me know when you come to Chicago I owe you dinner!

lol I may just take you up on that sometime haha. Glad it worked, I actually made that same mistake multiple times the other day trying to access gmail. Thought to myself, what the heck am I doing wrong??? Just popped into my head after my initial comment. Glad I could help!

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please do! glad you popped back in!