I'm back!

Hey ladies and gentlemen!

I took a little break from the internet and now I’m back.

Things have changed for the good here. I’m still working at PJ, just at another of the franchises’ locations. I am a day runner and I work on Wednesday then Friday/Sat/Sun and my back is holding up, and the drama isn’t there at the new store like it was at the old one.

I feel productive and like what I do actually matters at this store. Sales are increasing from a nice school order (we have over 100 pies completed each morning before we’re open, Monday-Friday) as well as word of mouth on our pies quality increasing at the store, etc. So, needless to say, I’m a happy camper!

Missed you all!

glad you’ve managed to find a store where it is working out!

Thanks! Same ownership, just another location.

It’s so nice to be appreciated for the effort given. The other store is more of a drama cesspool (sp?) but this one is about 15 miles away, and the people that work there NEED a job and 90% of them, I’d say, are willing to WORK for their money.

I’d say the average age of employee there is 25/26, whereas the old store was in the late teens. It’s a great setup!

Welcome Back !!

I’m back too. I skipped reading the Think Tank for a few months, but I’m back now, better than ever.

When I first logged on again, I was surprised to find out that I was a 20-something female in Afghanistan. So you may want to check your profile to see if it’s correct. I really prefer being a guy, but I’d love to be in my mid 20’s again!

Great to see another member of the ‘good ole boys’ club has returned.

Welcome back !

Now do something disgusting and unprofessional.

Think of all the Pizza you could sell in Afghanistan. I’m sure the food in the military has not improved much in the last 30 years. We used to eat in town 4 or 5 nights a week even though the mess hall was free.

Welcome back Papajgirl, glad things are looking up for you.

The PJ Girl is back! Welcome!