I'm in...new pizza man Registered

I finally registered and got “in the game” after several weeks of reading literally hundreds of threads. This is great info for a greenhorn who just got in the bus last fall.

Everyone has been so helpfull in answering several of my topics…while I was “flying under the radar” as a guest.

I look forward to the knowledge and feedback that can be acquired from this strong base of pizza gurus.

thanks again…

welcome, lot of great people here

Just remember that you have brilliance to offer as much as we do. AND feel free to ride the bus . . . just stay off the “short bus” because that’s where Dave and I ride. We’re special people with IQ issues. (D@mn, is that horse dead yet?)

Welcome. Your may find that you past experiences outside the industry will be called on. Just look at the post on ceramic tile or the posts about accounting issues. don’t be afraid to chime in.

Welcome to our “secret society”…RCS…

Hello slice and welcome,
This is a great place to devour knowledge from so many good folks and it is also a great place for you to unleash your knowledge on us as we all learn from eah other.
Your pizza pal,Niccademo

welcome wish u all the luck u deserve!!!

I will type this real slow so Nick can understand it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome and looking forward to your input.