I'm looking into switching flour brands, what do you use?

We currently use ADM’s “Gigantic” high gluten flour (14% protein, 14% moisture, 0.52% ash). I am looking for a comparable flour of similar or higher quality. I’m trying to find a company that will send a truckload directly to us to see if there are any savings in cutting out our distributor. ADM says that they can’t due to a conflict of interest with the distributor.

I have been doing the same…been using all trumps high gluten for 35yrs but recently switched from the bleached to unbleached because how can bleached be good for you, huh? Would love to get rid of the bromated as well but I did not get the same crispness when I tried some Absoluti flour unbleached, unbromated from PFG…any other advice out there? Are you guys using your same recipe?

I’m also looking to go to a clean label. We tried king arthur’s lancelot but our crust didn’t rise during the bake as well; not sure if it was the bromate or the change of flour. They wouldn’t send a rep out to work with me on it, I’m hoping to get someone that can work through it with me so I can pick their brain. Our reiser dough divider rep said to try a little more water, I haven’t set time aside to try yet.


Who is your Reiser rep? Is it by chance Jeff Zeak? If it is Jeff is also very well versed on flour, especially as it pertains to pizza dough.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Our’s is Joe Gigante, he’s been really helpful to us the past few years

I’m not sure if you’ll find a company to deliver directly to you unless you have a loading dock and forklifts to unload the truck. As far as a high gluten flour with similar protein content check our Bouncer from Bay State Milling.

We’ve worked with Bouncer in the past, I think we might revisit it. Some of our pizza guys were calling it “bounce back” because it had a little more shrinkage when you put it on the peel than our current flour. We have the dock, forklift, & warehouse space; ADM & General Mills said they have to use distributors, King Arthur says they will deliver direct and it’ll save me a few bucks a bag.

After years of using Trumps, I switched to Bouncer at my new spot. Their 25lb bags vs Trumps 50lb bags make our dough making process easier. Tough to beat the price Battaglia has on it too.

We use bouncer and like it. Would love to have something cleaner instead though.

I use the cheap flour. LENZS BEST at RD or Monarch at US. Does brand really matter?

I use Central Milling’s organic 00 normal, I can’t recommend them enough. Their products and service are incredible. They are a family business, owned by half of the founding interest of Guisto’s Flour. Keith and Nicky Guisto are the father/son team behind the business, they have a great passion for baking and an incredible amount of knowledge. They will work with their customers to improve formulas and find the right flours for their applications. Very hands on guys.
Their milling operations are based in Utah, with most of their distro coming out of CA.
Not “cheap” flour, but the quality and flavor, as well as marketing appeal of organic non-gmo, small business work very well for my market

I had the same issue with kasl I tried less water more water I couldn’t get it right.

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