I'm looking to change my POS System, don't know where to start looking

I apologize if there is already a post on this. I am currently using Action Systems Restaurant Monitor POS (http://www.rmpos.com/), I have been using this system for around 10 years and am looking to see if there’s a better system out there for my operation. With so many options out there today, this seems like an incredibly daunting task.

We need a system that can handle delivery service and a dining room with an 80 person seating capacity. We’re looking for a system that’s cutting edge, easy to use, and has technologies that will allow our waitresses to send orders wirelessly via tablet from the dining room.

Does anyone have an operation similar to ours and really loves their POS System?

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easy 2 use, cost effective and tech savy…pick any two…lol…many operator’s here preach/use Point of Success, and yes, it will do all those things, for a modest price…

it is a DIY dream, so depending on the value of your time, it might be worth it…you can do a wireless/tablet thing, but for the life of me I can’t ubderstand why…the cost, the potential damage & time wasting features tell me no way…

Revel is an option, but I like my profits in my pocket, not tied up in equipment & cloude service…

yes, Applebee’s, Chili’s and the like use a tablet, but I don’t see ant increase in server performance not dollars in my pocket…

yes, kitchen monitors are nice for many operations, but a ticket still has merit…

I am one of those who is really liking “Point Of Success”
I learned of them on this forum many years back, and have not been disappointed.
I like it because we had a very tight budget, and I could add on to my POS system as needed and not be forced to drop tons of coin right off the bat.
Do you want a system that you can build and modify as needed, or do you want it all in a package?
Look for local dealers, and see what they have. Then compare to Point Of Success to see which fits your needs better.

I used Refurbed Win-7 Pro computers that I got through the walmart webpage (They come with the 7-Pro disk), added HP touchscreen monitors, APG cash drawers, and some Star printers. (2-color thermal, and 2-color impact) I really like the 2-color thermals, and only use my impact printers for CC receipts now

I’ve posted in a few of these about Speedline Solutions. They are great. Support is quick and easy 24/7.

Cutting edge features is something Speedline is always improving. Right now, my favorite feature is the LiveMaps feature. You can see exactly where your deliveries are going for easy grouping of orders.

Dining room? They have table service functions, but we have an informal dining area, so that’s not something we had set up. I am certain it can fit your needs though.

There are tons of features they have but it would take me forever to type.

I hope this helps

we also trashed our old RM POS about 7yrs ago and never looked back…highly recommend Foodtec, especially if you do alot of deliveries.

You like foodtec? We had done a demo with them, at first glance I really liked it. But after the speedline demo, I knew speedline was the right system. Pricing for our store was just about the same for speedline as it was foodtec. I like the Brygid online ordering much more than what foodtec uses as well, but I know foodtec works with a medium sized chain in our area, so its not something I’d disregard, just felt for our needs, speedline was the right one

i just switched to brygid they are great so far.

They really are. We’ve had them for 4 months and get compliments on how easy their system is, which is great. We just opened our second location with no advertising. We are averaging 3 online orders a day already, our other store is about 20 a day now

We also us Brygid. We process about 4000 orders a month with them and it goes up every month. They have several layers of backup so its almost impossible to lose an order. If you need something fixed or changed they usually have it done within an hour or less.

Thanks for all your input, I was almost decided with AmigoPOS, now one more to try speedline , since many good recommendation…

i took over a shop yrs ago that used Amigo…tossed it out 4 POS…

Even b4 that, used Speedline…not the least bit impressed…hassle to set-up & change…

I’ve had some success with Foodman 123 a long time ago…nice for a small operation, but nothing compares with POS & Big Holler…

I’m leaning heavily towards Point of Success for us.