I'm no longer a dinosour

Ok,well I’m still in the 1930’s I’ve yet to buy a POS but I just built a web site! Just thought I would share it w/ you all if you like to peak at it.


nice site goomba…

now get that POS and join the 21st century completely.

Very nice…easy to navigate, gives all the basic info, nice intro on the opener page…good job. If I could only suggest one thing, have some nice product shots done and put them on there so people can see what you are offering…a picture ‘sells’ a thousand ‘wings’…or pizzas :wink:

I think you’re a dinosour with a website ! :wink:

Very nice brother. More pictures would be a good idea. The only thing I’d change is that the ‘Specials’ tab on the intro page doesn’t work. As a customer, I can’t stand when stuff like that doesn’t work. Just my two cents.

Hello TD,I just tried it and it works just fine bro.Maybe it was a glitch when you tried.And yes I definitely some pics.on this site.Thanks for all your input.


It may have been my laptops Nazi Pop-up blocker causing the trouble. It doesn’t allow anything… even when I turn it off. :lol: