I'm so tired of snow...

22 inches last weekend and now more coming! I’m worried about my roof caving in. :frowning:

Winter is still not over in the Great White North…Southwest British Columbia…A good foot in the last few days…RCS…

I thought you were South!! I must be dreaming. I live so far north I look out the south windows of my house to see the northern lights. I have another 2 months of snow to look forward to

I am on the border of BC and WA right where the Columbia enters the US…http://www.glacierwind.ca/mybackyard.jpg…RCS…

rofl !! :lol:
Funny posts
I just got some pictures from my Father back in NY showing the mountains of snow they got
14ft in 10 days and still more to come.

Whenever he calls me I ask him to speak up because the air conditioner just kicked in !! :lol:

I knew I wanted to leave western NY when I was a kid, freezing while walking to school.

Good thing too because now the “outside world” gets to experience authentic Buffalo wings!! :wink:

Complaining about a free sales boost? I wish it would snow here.

there are alot of Canadian snowbird that eat my pizza here in Quartzsite, AZ
about 1/3 of the snowbirds are here from Canada
from the way you describe it, I can see why

your summer must be pleasant though,

Come on up I will give you a job.