I'm sorry but a good insert works.

The guru’s that don’t own shops anymore(and never really owned multiple shops) and when they did, it was for a short time, claim that inserts don’t work.

Is it only my locations that get results from inserts?

What says you?

Lets hear some numbers !

How many you got out ?
How many you got back ?
% Increase in sales ?

of new customers ?

Did you do any other marketing to set the insert up ? Like doorhanging or radio ?

Any insert that works is a good insert. :wink:

inserts as a rule for me do not work…Direct mail walk sequence saturation pulls like a freight train…

Im not suggesting that inserts don;t work for you…each store and each concept and each city seem to have their own advertising requirements…

people who peruse shopping inserts as a whole are price hunters…soon as you stop the insert…they go to the next guy with a deal in the insert…

those customers can order from me if they like…but Im not looking for them…


I’ve currently got my new menus in print at the moment and I am looking at the best option to get them into our area.

Last time I had a letterbox company do them by suburb @ 4 cents each, but they were bundled with about 10 - 14 others with arubber band. Many customers said they didn’t get theirs delivered probably because of the bundling and probably because some went inside booklet type brochures in the same bundle.

Our local post office can delivery with the mail for 12 cents per unit. The postman drops it to every house in a specified postcode while doing the mail delivery. This way the menus is by itself and delivered on days when the mass letterbox drop is not done so the chances customers seeing it increases imensely.

The other option is to do an insert in our local free community newspaper. This is well read and their is a high chance of getting the menu into each householders hand. Cost for the insert is $49.50 per thousand andwe can specify what areas we want it delivered to - they only insert to the suburbs requested.

Has anyone done this type of advertising before and is so what was the results? I know I’m in Australia and markets differ somewhat but I’m only looking for a guide. Please do not come back with Door Hangers as the way to go because this is not an option here in Australia the way our suburbs are set out and the style of housing etc.

Thanks in advance


Hello pizza,We do an insert twice a month in our local free paper that goes out to every home in the area 117,000 to be exact.It cost me 1200.00 for the month and when it hits the homes on a Wed. and Thurs. we have to be on our best because it comes in like a rollercoaster.The best part is we don’t really do many coupons/deals either were just getting in their heads w/ great marketing.I swear by inserts as I do w/ a good door hanging campain.


Goomba. perhaps the paper can split the circulation so you do 1/2 each week?..That might level out your volume some…