IMenu360 Online Ordering

Anyone using this company for your online ordering?

Used it quite a few years ago, and it was a solid app back then. It was kinda expensive though from what I remember since they were charging a flat fee and a percentage. Don’t remember the rates exactly but I think it was around $25 per month plus 3% of every order.
They were offering POS integrations, and CC Processing with your own gateway.
Easy interface for customers and pretty easy for owners to manage. One thing I can say, it was much better than any portal I’ve ever used, and didn’t steal traffic away from my website!
However, that was a long time ago and I have no idea how much things may have changed since then.

Thanks Steve, What platform are you using now?
Your right, fee is a little higher per month + 3%. I was totally impressed because last night around 9:45pm I shot them an email. Within minutes the Owner calls me and sat on the phone for quite awhile talking, on a Sunday night. This would help in the beginning because everything comes threw GH & Eat24 now. It gives us time to shift as many customers onto our site at a lower cost then later down the road yes we would be paying more than ChowNow for example. Seems like the back end program has everything you would want or need. ChowNow will supposedly be advertising local to me with their new program to attract new customers but you can only be on the list if your a payed contact to compete with GH & Eat24.

Anyone else chime in.

Thank you

You’re welcome!
I sold my shop a while back so I’m not using any online platform now to recommend.
I would suggest to search within the forum where you can find a lot of useful information and what you’ll need to be aware of.
Best of luck!

Enquired about two other companies.
If a company can’t comunicate by phone and only email, Your Not For Me.

Imenu360 is a great company we used them many years ago I remember it was easy to use both back and front of house. we use Brygid now because they integrate with our pos otherwise we would have Imenu still.