impinger 1100 making whistling sound? help

hi i have impinger 1100 and now it has started to make loud whistle blow sound but the oven work s fine and when i shut it off the fan keeps running. any ideas what might be wrong with it? help thanks.

Your fan may be dusty or tilted a little

my only guess for the whistleing sound would be a bearing going bad.

I had to replace a limit switch in my lincoln 1100 about a year ago. When I shut it off, the fans would never turn off like they are supposed to when the oven reaches a lower temperature. Then the fans would turn on and off randomly at weird times. It was a $5.00 part, but I had an electrician friend help me find and replace it.

It never made a whistling sound though.

Which fan is staying on?

There is an axial fan for cooling the control compartment and the main burner fan.

If the main burner fan is whistling. It could be a number of things:

Bearings in the motor - take the rear cover off and listen to the motor
Cracked Blower fan - slight “shake” in the oven
Garbage that just got sucked into the cold air return - pull the top and lower fingers out and inspect the plenums in the rear.

well i call local tech and guess what my oven ran like a champ… everything was working normal… i guess i will just have to wait and see he told me what to look for or listen to each fan to see which motor was makin noise. then i will know which to replace. he also think my bearing might be goin out from what i told him. is there any way to oil the bearing on the main fan motor? it look sealed but can it be oiled? and also has anyone here replace their own main fan motor? is it hard to do it?

The bearings are sealed.

If you think you want to change the bearing the front and rear bearings are both 6203-ZZ U’s.

You can also replace the motor.
You will need to replace the fan in the same shaft position as you take off the old one(distance from base). Be advised you probably will not get the fan off. You’ll have to cut the shaft, press the old shaft out. Be careful not to strip the head on the set-screw that holds the fan blade on. When you take the rear mounting plate off(holds the motor intack), look for metal fatigue on the inside. If you notice cracks and bubbling in the metal. You might have to get some metal-fab work done. Lincoln is really cheap on the parts not seen. This is one of them!!