Impinger 1132 Electric Ovens

Just purchased these ovens used. Temp is set at 465 and time set to 6 minutes. I am cooking on seasoned screens. Top of pizza is burnt and bottom is white, and center seems to have a gum line. Using same toppings and everything I used in deck ovens cooking on parchment paper. Didn’t get any manuals with ovens. Any idea? Thank you for any help

Hi Tenpin"

You apparently need to change the air distribution fingers in order to get less heat on top and more on the bottom.

The number of air distribution holes in the finger determines the amount of heat distributed to the top or bottom of the pizza.

George Mills

Here is a link to the manual for the 1100 series ovens

Page 16 has the finger removal procedure. It appears from the pic that the oven only has one finger each top and bottom.
As George said, check the fingers for the correct distribution plates and baffles.

Here is parts and service manual
Do you know what the previous owner was cooking? These ovens can be used for much more than just pizza and that requires different configurations at times.

You probably have all or almost all of the airflow coming in through the top.
Is it a single or double stack? If double, do they both cook the same?
It shouldn’t be too hard to take care of, hopefully the PO for some reason blocked the bottom finger off.

Thanks but my ovens are older than this manual. The front of the ovens swings open. Not the drop down door like the one in this manual.