impinger help

I have a impinger oven and it shuts down after it has been running for about a half an hour. I have to open a side panel and press a reset button to get it to start back up. I know the obvious answer is to call for service, but I hate to shell out $ if it is something simple. Anyone ever have this happen. If so, how do I fix it?

I’m dealing with a similar problem with my X-2 right now. First thing I did that got rid of the problem for a month or so was to bypass the high limit safety switch that conected to the reset button. Worked fine for a month then problem happened again. Called service company out and they replaced burner blower motor. Worked fine for 1 evening then problem reoccured. Next they are installing an new air switch that can cut the gas valve if not working properly. I personally don’t think they have a clue, and are just playing eenie meenie minee moe to choose what part to replace.