Improving marketing through videos

Hi there,
I own a small pizza hut in Toronto. Actually, it was my grandma’s shop. I was the one who taken care of it after her death. While she was there, we used to get more customers and had a pretty good business but now it is worse. I don’t know what actually happened there. There were rumors that our shop is unhygienic. And I know it is difficult to show our innocence. But I need to prove our innocence and bring back the customers to the shop. I have planned to take a video of our pizza hut, baking etc. and publish to the social medias thereby I can prove my innocence. I found out something interesting about the videos, how it helps in online marketing. I hope that it may go well. Anyone here had made any commercial videos for your store? Where do I focus? How do I get a positive feedback from the customer? Any ideas for improving marketing can be shared here too.

Are you aware of the Canadian pizza show this month in you neighborhood? There are always great people to learn from at this type of event.

We produce a show all about that… It would be a great idea to create facebook videos showing how you make your products.

Many of pizza recipes are promoted through videos. people love to make homemade pizza and follow online pizza making videos steps. YOUTUBE videos are most common for all users.
Pizza making videos get highly downloaded by users to make best homemade pizza.

Think of your pizzeria, like a vlog “Day in the Life” type video.
Shoot videos with your phone vertical.
Shoot videos of you and your crew making the food like, BuzzFeed’s Worth It.
What you’re doing to build trust in your community and get people through the door (e.g., social media strategy, collaborations with other local non-competing stores, etc)

People like to see the behind the scenes and personality of ANYTHING!
Think about how people will wait for the director’s cut of a movie/dvd - because it has commentary from the director, the actors, how this shot was done, etc.

Think of yourself as a pizzeria/media company from now on.