In need of a new POS system! Help

Hello My names Michael and I am looking for a New POS system. Starting July 1st we are taking over our family pizzeria. We are currently running a touch pro system that needs to go! With a new menu coming the pos system would have to be updated to fit the menu. SOOO that being said I figured it would be a perfect time to update to a new system. We need a system that works better with our Pizzeria. One that is easier to use and train new employees to operate. I don’t have 10 k up front right now to drop on a new system. Is there Leasing options? I have been doing research but there is so many products out there and I don’t want to make a “bad” I would like to get some feedback from other owners who have better systems. Possibly considering Tablet products as well. Some MUST HAVES are Customer Management, Caller ID integration, Pizza break down in halfs and quarters for topping choices Etc ,the ability to use our own credit card processing company.

Revention is what i use, and it will do everything you asked for and more (with the exception of quarters for toppings. I do not know if they support that). It costs more but in the long run the investment is worth it.

You have the ability to do online ordering, and apparently they have started adding 3rd party sites to the API, which means the orders will come thru the POS like if the customers had ordered thru your website.

I know other owners use some of the other POS systems, and they all work well for them. I personally would get a few recommendations from everyone here then sit down and do demo’s with 3 or 4 you like and then decide which one will best suite your needs.

Most have leasing options. Make sure they integrate with 3rd party online orders in case you want to do that. Speedline is the preferred choice around here it seems. Any POS system on the market today can do what you’re wanting from your post and is better than HarborTouch’s POS system, so stay away from them at all costs!

As an add on here, we do offer fully integrated online ordering branded to your business and integrated directly with the POS…but we also integrate with 3rd parties if that’s the route you’d like to go.

Revention customer here…it’s an excellent system. It also pairs with HungerRush for online ordering…also a great feature.

The price may be a shock, but it’s well worth the expense. You’re essentially getting an employee who works 24/7/365 when you buy a POS system. It’s a no brainer for any business doing over $300k in sales.


This may not be the most popular answer, but a Micros 3700 system is a very robust platform. Yes, it’s more expensive, but its proven hardware and software. Consider also the available integrations, NOT JUST ONLINE ORDERING…, for example Labor, Inventory, etc. If you need contact information for an Oracle Hospitality representative, I can get you that info. We work directly with Oracle Hospitality sales people, so we can bypass the amount of time it takes, and get you in touch with the people you need directly.

Don’t get Aloha POS

I looked into Harbor Touch. Seemed to be a decent system, especially for the price. No up front costs, pretty low monthly fee, only catch is you have to use their card processing. The deal breaker for me was you have to choose between having a delivery module and being able to integrate online ordering. They’re two separate systems. Also, not really sure what kind of processing rates they offer I didn’t get that far, but I would think they would be on the high side since they have no competition for the life of your contract for the equipment.

What’s your pizzeria called?

Prism by Microworks best support and excellent product

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Why not? This is what all the larger chains around us use.

I also noticed Dash POS at another chain, I tried to look them up but can’t seem to find any website or any information on it.