In search of Portioning cups, I believe they're for Papa John's

I had acquired a set of toppings portioning cups a few years back through a link on this forum

I am trying to locate another set of these cups for a friend of mine. I suggested a pizza scale with a foot pedal to zero the scale after each topping is added, but he’s just not going for it.

Does anyone know of another set of those colored plastic portioning cups are up for sale anywhere?

Thank you.

Perhaps some of these might help
There are also a few on ebay not papa johns up similar

I got a bunch from Grande Cheese but found they are not near as accurate as using a scale. If you come here for a visit you can have them. Walter

@smiling with hope
Thank you Walter, But.
I’ve already got 2 sets of the Grande cups, what we did is measured cheese (Diced) by using the Grande cups, then weighed the contents on a digital scale, and averaged the weights to get our weights/costs.
They are close enough for me to be comfortable with, my biggest concern is the customer seeing wild swings in topping amounts on their pizza from one employee to another. The cups give me consistency from pie to pie, from employee to employee. and keep my cost estimates inline

The smaller cups that I am looking for are a similar material as the grande cups, but much smaller, and one even has drain holes for when you dip it into black or green olives, it allows the brine to drain.,
I have a set of what I’m looking for, I am trying to get a set for a friends restaurant, he has been plagued with wildly inconsistent pizzas from one employee to another, and he is seeing it reflected in online reviews and costs being all over the board. While visiting, I did a quick inventory, saw his sales amounts, and did the math, I think he has product walking out the back door on top of his major inconsistencies .
Customers are actually calling to ask who is making the pizzas before they order, and only placing an order if certain people are on the pizza line. I see that as a huge problem,

A building scale with a foot pedal is the ultimate way to go, and I believe he is now finally going that route. Lets hope his GM didn’t get the cheapest piece of junk he could find.,-IL/Commercial/Mechanical/Refurbished/No-Warranty/Portion-control-kit-22-measuring-cups.cfm

Those are the ones!!!

Thank you, and nearby too (if you can call 4 hours travel nearby) at least in the same state

I cannot see them listed by following tags, I’m also not seeing how to join the discussion board to make an offer

Still trying

I use shredded cheese and the grande cups are not very accurate. The diced cheese acts like ball bearing when launching pies with topping to the deck stones :slight_smile: We use a high end digital scale and get the weights to exact numbers with it. It takes only a couple seconds and is well worth it for consistency. Good luck to your friend. I am glad we are onsite all the time and are so small. Walter

I’d be into a set or two of those if you find access or have to buy them in bulk!

I see them listed, but I see no way to access that message board to even contact the seller or post something of my own,
I love the fact that @bodegahwy took the time and effort and found them for me though.