In store marketing

We have virtually none, and I know I need to get some.

Anyone have good contacts for window clings and hanging posters?

What do you do to market to your customers once they are in the store?

We’ve got some stuff from Grande cheese, Stanislaus tomatoes, Creekstone beef.
A few beer/soda neons and such

It’s All fluff just to cover the walls.

What’s working great for us is running a slide show that highlights some of our items on a 60" Smart-Tv
I used to run the media through a router wirelessly to the tv, but recently changed to a usb flash drive plugged directly into the tv USB port
If a customer wants more info on an item, the cashier can fast-forward the s,ode show so they can see pictures of what they are interested in, I dislike pictures on menus, so this helps customers get a visual of the product.

Just a few quick thoughts…

Run and promote weekly/monthly contests (with in-store collateral) where you can capture contact information and build your database. This will add value to your business, help your marketing, and give you something fun and engaging to promote in-store and online (Facebook, Twitter, etc). Other than that, focus on your brand and the image you want to project. Are you selling $5 pizzas or serving premium quality food?

Your in-store presence should reflect the quality and price point that you market. Look at competitors, chains, etc. and determine how you should move forward.

Scotty, stick a menu with coupons incl.
on every order. Works great

We already do that, but by that point we’ve already made the sale. Some people want to be sold and upselling verbally is great for them. Others want to make their own decisions. I’ve bought some ceiling tile poster hangers and some suction cups, gotta design some posters.