in the ideal world.......

I would spread the crushed tomatoes on sheeted dough and then sprinkle seasonings on top of the crushed tomatoes bfore topping with cheese

Does anyone do that in there shop, beside the artisan pizza makers ?

In high volume, that is next to impossible, for the rest of us, anybody sprinkling ?


How would you ensure that each pie got the same amount of sprinkle? Why are you interested in doing this?

that is a good point, consistency wold be jeopordized.

I am always looking to do it different and better for my operation, just like the big chains are too, we just have different goals.
The artisan pizzaiolas crush on fresh, or fresh packed whole tomatoes and sprinkle according to the pizza they are making.
I am not trying to attain that level, but I am low enough volume to attain some of those things.
In big volume, I agree, it has to be attained in a more systematic, simple, trainable way.
I consider, if i was at home, making just 1 pizza, how would I do it.
trying to implement some of those things in my pizzeria.

My pizzeria is not the Harvard Business School efficiency model.

hope that answers your question,

You and I are a lot alike in the fact that we are not the efficiency experts of the world. Maybe instead of sprinkling your spices on top of the crushed tomatoes, make your sauce in smaller batches. I mix up just enough to be used over a day’s time and only a day in advance (just in case I get overly busy, I don’t run out). I’ll make Friday’s sauce on Thursday, Saturday’s sauce on Friday, etc. Not sure if this is the type of thing you’re looking for.

Me too on that, even less so and more often.

  to a #10 can of 6N1 or 7/11 crushed tomatoes in puree, I add 19 grams salt, 7 grams ground pepper, 2 grams fine sweet basil, 2 grams garlic powder, and 15 grams of lemon juice, all measured to the gram for consistency.

Of course when/if I se fresh herbs, I would add more of the fresh product.

ideally, I could sprinkle those ingredients on freshly after I spread the crushed tomatoes; I do not not if that would make an effective difference, especially in the salt and pepper…i was thinking in line of a strong grated cheese like asiago, and I could mix it it with the other seasonings in the crushed tomatoes…looking for something that wold not stand the hydration of being blended in and more effective as a layer between the pizza sauce and cheese.


I understand what you’re trying to do now & why. I would say, try it on a few customers that you can count on to give you some honest feedback. I have some regulars who absolutely LOVE to be guinnea pigs for me. They’ll call and ask if I’ve got anything new for them to try.