In the lower mainland?? Could be an impossible find...

Wondering if there are any members or lurkers on this site that are in the Lowermainland (Vancouver, BC) area.

got to keep this up at the top for anyone that might come along…

Here let me help :lol:

Thanx pizzaguy!!

I guess us Canadians are few and far between on this board…I am in BC but 8 hours from the coast…RCS…

Hi Royster! Thanx for your response, and yes us Canadians are few are far between…ugh! Good and bad, at least there arent alot of my competition getting the excellent advice from this site, but im opening my shop the first week of May and id love someone around that could help me out a bit with some hands on advice and someone who was in my area I could meet over a coffee and give me some pointers, but I guess im going to have to go it alone and count on my cyber friends!!

Good luck On your opening.

Canada Sucks!

Isnt it nice when we get such friendly lurkers who dont even have the guts to leave their name, lol!!

Such a wise person Guest is. Canada sucks oil out of the ground and sells it at over inflated price to the neighbors so they can drive their overpriced SUVs 2 blocks to buy a $1000 pizza.

Boo Canada! Let’s invade!