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Hey everyone,

Thanks for the answers you have given me since finding Think Tank. You have answered whether I asked or not with the archives.

The newest question I have is dealing with my business plan. I need to figure out some best, worst, and average case scenarios.

Working in full menu restaurants I can figure out the average check average per seat with the knowledge I have of the restaurant world.

What do you guys with sit down pizzerias have as an average. And how many turns do you do during the week with lunch and dinner service.

My operation will be an upscale pizzeria/brewpub. I brew Belgian styled ales, so we will be brewing on site.

Thanks for the help guys.


A couple pizza places ago I sold beer and was more upscale than the dive I am now.

My average check there was approximately $23.00. Higher during dinnertime, lower during lunch. My lunch sales dragged down that significantly. I would estimate my avg dinner check was close to $35. People came from miles around for our extensive beer menu.

People came from miles around…

That is what I am hoping for!


You have a good shot. The pizza place I had served all sorts of specialty micro brews. It worked real nice.

We didn’t brew on site. I think it has strong potential for you.

Thing is, you can pull any number at all out from your ear and put it in the plan. I would recommend getting real info from your state restaurant association or national rest assoc. Brewpubs will likely be different animals from the sorts of operations we are ruinning in general. I don’t know how they are running in your part of the country, but the blazed up and fizzled out here in GA during the 90’s homebrew rennaisance. Some still make it, but not so many as once opened.

“Number of turns” is something I am familiar with, but not a part of my life :cry: We try to use each one of our 11 tables twice during the week. Keeps them from wearing down through the year. Seriously, when we puch our dine-in upscale concept, we anticipate in our small market 1 turn during weekenights and up to 3 on weekends. we hope to have reservations stacked out for weeks ahead of time . . . or having to ‘open the reservation book’ six months ahead of time.

that is the kind of numbers I am looking for. Keep 'em coming!

I really appreciate the openness that this site has for newbies like myself!

Thanks guys


Hey John Good to see you on the site, let’s get together for that beer next week.

As for projections I went with about $20 average ticket (lunch/dinner). From there I ran projections for 20-120 tickets to generate some numbers. Beyond pizzas I used the following as baseline numbers

For every pizza sold on average 1 soda sale
for every 3 pizzas sold on average 1 beer sale
for every 5 pizzas sold on average 1 salad sale
for every 10 pizzas sold on average 1 dessert sold

After this I would determine, for example for the beer sales they would be split 25% pints, 50% small pitcher and 25% large pitcher. So as you plug the pizza numbers into the excel it would generate the sales numbers on the ratio for the various other items.

Whether this is right or wrong I tried to be conservative, over estimate expenses and under estimate revenues. I am sure this is obvious though.

Thanks Pazzo!

We should get that beer. Always looking for research information!


I can’tr remember the last beer I had the WASN’T research information :smiley:

I’ll drink to that! :lol: