Incomplete Delivery Orders

Hi -

I don’t know if we still have some delivery drivers that visit this section of the TT and post; but, if there are I’d like your feedback.

Presently we’re having a problem with Incomplete Delivery Orders. Basically the drivers are leaving the store without the additional items requested by the client (drinks, sauces, etc). Our POS prints these items on the last label of the order (right next to the total price) so there isn’t a issue of “Oh I didn’t know” OR “I wasn’t told”.

Here’s my question to you the driver - What strategy does the manager need to employ to decrease driver “forgetfullness” ?

There’s the stick (penalties), the carrot (bonuses - but should such a basic component of the job be rewarded?), the humiliation (standing in the middle of the store reading back to the manager all of the order’s components). What strategies would you employ if you we me?

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Hey Jerry,

I am not a driver but this is taking money out of your business and if it is such a problem that you post about it…you are probably losing a lot more than you know. How many of these customers tell their friends or family about the missing items and how it effected their dinner. This is just employees not caring about their jobs and should be addressed as such. Like you said…it is printed on the ticket so not a surprise as too what is on the order. My opinion is you should go over the ticket layout with all your drivers and then inform them in writing as too what steps will be taken if they fail to deliver orders in full. First, they will have to run back the missing items at their expense. Chances are you will also refund or offer some comp to make up for the error. You can get into legal questions when having employees having to reimburse the costs of goods and even though I think they should…you would probably be better off not taking that step. Instead…you need a strict policy of what happens when they don’t take the responsibility and care of doing their job correctly. First offense… verbal warning but also noted in a delivery log. Second time, written warning that they sign and acknowledge that on a third offense they will loose their job. I would not allow this to go unchecked. I can understand you asking drivers what they think…but this is your business and you are the one that takes the hit when they do not do their job correctly. Best of luck with the issue.

As someone who has been on both sides of the issue, I will try to answer the best I can. I agree with some of what qcfmike said, but not everything. Regarding drivers returning to the customer’s house at their expense, this should only happen if the driver, and ONLY the driver, is clearly at fault. For example, if the drive fails to take the pop, it is clearly his fault. Drivers should check each and every order before they leave. Sometimes, when extremely busy, it does not benefit the driver to do so, but still a quick look will prevent a re-trip. Perhaps they way the slips are written could be improved, or perhaps a review of ways to avoid the issue should be realized.

Everyone makes mistakes. If a customer calls after the food is in the oven and cancels, do you make the customer pay anyway? I didn’t think so. Drivers should never eat the cost of a mistake. Believe me, they are already paying for it with a lost tip (most likely) and a missed run while taking the remake/lost item.

One way to cut on mistakes is the no double rule. If a driver makes a mistake, he does not take another order with the corrected one even if the other order is next door or in the same apartment building. Instead, he must take the corrected order, THEN come back for the next one up. This idea, of course, should only be used in circumstances where the driver has flubbed so many orders that punishment is warranted.

And finally, I cannot resist: One cannot “loose” a job.

I am not even going to edit the extra “o” I accidentally hit on my post so you can continue with the most humor you have had today. Now, you answered that just like a driver. Don’t blame me, the driver! Only check your delivery orders if you are not too busy? Really? Yes blame the driver and not the ticket or anyone else. This is YOUR JOB! Do it correctly or get another one. It is that simple. If you are unable to check and make sure that the order is correct going out the door…get the greeter job at your local Walmart! Then to also make the other order wait while your driver that already screwed up is running back to the same area twice? Again… Really? I guess if you have drivers stacked up waiting around this would fly.

Oh, and I couldn’t resist… “Perhaps they way the slips are written…” They way??? I guess that’s THEY WAY you like it! 8)

LOL. Touche!

But I am going to guess that, while I made a typo, you actually learned that loose =/= lose.

Ok, back to the subject at hand. I answered like a driver because that was what the OP wanted. I have been on both sides of this matter, believe me. There are no easy ways to deal with stupid mistakes. If a driver repeatedly makes mistakes, can his behind. Period. If you are losing <----(one “o”) money because of the frequent stupidty of ANY employee, he or should go. Basically, it’s your shop, do what you will. There are two things I believe should NEVER happen:

  1. Monetary penalty for mistakes. Everyone makes them. If it happens too frequently, get rid of them.

  2. Never penalize another driver for the first one’s mistake. The second driver is never tipped, so don’t send a second one to clean up a mistake. Drivers will use this to their advantage if this happens. For example, let’s say there are two drivers wroking. Run 1 is a decent one, but run two is a known big tip. If the driver “forgets” the pop, driver two will have to take the pop, and the mistake-making driver will get the big tip.

I did three years as a GM for Domino’s and drove for DP, PH and two indies. I am all for the smaller shops (that don’t pay sub-min). If you and others are willing to work with me, I can bring a fresh perspective to things for this board. But just know that I do sympathize with drivers as well as those trying to make a living dealing with them.

I put a sign up that says “if you forget any piece of your order, the next driver will gladly take it back to the customers house at a 5$ charge to you.” I explain to drivers that when they forget something, they need to call when they are at customers house and the next available driver goes out. If they dont call from house,and try to come back get item and go back out, they get 1 warning and then termination if they do it again.

It angers me to no end that my posts regarding delivery in the DELIVERY DRIVERS forum keep getting removed.

At this point, I am calling on a moderator BESIDES DADDIO to explain this to me.

First question: Do you or the manager dispatch drivers on deliveries? If you don’t do you control who takes what delivery in anyway. I currently manage at a pizza place and have a new driver who had a problem with forgetting items. When I worked with her I would (and still do) remind her to check for 2liters, salads and etc. I have found that the times that I don’t mention it that she has checked the ticket her self. Maybe that is all it will take for your situation to be solved.

New guy here, and a delivery driver to boot (please don’t hold this against me)!

I have been driving at this store for just over two years, and almost two years at another place.

The order comes up printed and hung up on the delivery board. Items the driver is responsible for are highlighted. Odd items or certain no charge add-ons can be written on the slip and also highlighted.

We handle mistakes a few different ways depending on what happened.

Example: Item forgotten by the driver. The driver can ask the customer what he/she would like. If they want the item the driver who forgot it has to bring it back out. If the customer decides they don’t want it, the driver can adjust the bill to compensate for the mistake. Or, a comp card can be mailed out.

The shift manager will try to figure out what happened, and reprimand (which should be done in private IMO) as needed. If it is a continuing problem the driver can be written up, and eventually terminated.

As for monetary penalties, I believe that is illegal in my state according to the DOL.