Increase Carry-Out or Dine-In?

Our current stats are dine-in is 10%, carry-out is 60% and delivery 30%. Which department do you think i should put most effort into increasing and how? Would appreciate any examples of how other ownders have done it.

We’ve been open 3 years and for the first time this year we sent out 25,000 menus to the houses within 3-miles of us. Never done any marketing or mailing before this. We did the menus in batches of 2000 per week. We finished the mailing a month ago. When do you think we should do another one and should we cover the same area again with the same menu or would i get a better response with something new?

Your cheapest option is to increase your take out but at the same time you can usually get people to spend more money if they dine in. I am right now working on increasing my eat in by building a patio and getting my liquor licence.

What was your response from the menu distribution? The last few menus we have sent out we have been slamed the day the people get them so we try to send them out on a Monday - Wednesday when we tend to be slower. If the menues are not getting a response you may want to try a flyer with maybe a coupon for FREE bread sticks or whatever (use the word free) I would continue to distribute something with your name on it to each are about every 3 months that seems to work the best for me.