Increase or decrease in sales depending on season

Hey guys,
What season are you the busiest and what season are you the slowest? I’m working on a business plan and feel it would be foolish to expect sales to stay the same through out the year.


Generally we build month to month and peak in December although October was actually our high point last year. Overall you will find most pizza places peak in the winter months.

Hi, It can vary from area to area and also by market (residential, city, industrial). Whats your market like?

Dark nights, cold and rain bring out the busiest months, summer is quieter but thats when I do some stealthy marketing!

It will also vary based on your concept. My stores are primarily dine-in restaurants, so good weather gets the people in. Warm, beautiful days are my busiest and summer is when we have our huge months - the exact opposite of most DELCOs.

When it’s dark, cold, raining or snowing my business plummets because my dining rooms (where we get 70% of our sales) are empty. Delivery picks up a bit on those days, but not nearly enough to offset the lack of dine-in guests. Most people think of us as a restaurant to go out to eat at and not a delivery place.

So, consider your concept when you’re projecting your monthly sales.

My “concept” is a pizza truck. I know it’s a totally different beast than a delco or dine in but I don’t have too many examples to pull from. I’m looking to serve the downtown lunch crowd and night time bar crowd. I’m thinking my business would slow in the winter months but maybe not. People still go to bars and work in the winter, although downtown workers may pack lunch so they don’t have to venture out in the snow.

Don’t forget to toss in your consumer profile too. Here in Manhattan, Kansas close t half of our total population comes from Kansas State University, so during the summer months, when the students are gone, the restaurant trade grinds to a halt, and when it comes t pizza, this place could be called the “land of two fers” (two for the price of one) as the pizzerias just try to stay afloat by turning inventory to keep the lights on until the students arrive back in town again in August. Anybody in a small college town will probably be in the same boat. I’ve used this to our advantage by opening stores close to the end of this period. That way you don’t get slammed too hard during opening week, like you would if the students were in town, then when they do get back in town, a little advertising in the student newspaper lets them know who and where you are, and you’ll be ready for their masses.
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